Nikki Halliwell

Technical SEO Consultant focusing on organic growth and performance.

Research and Analysis

By understanding search behaviour we can maximise a websites targeting potential, identifying opportunities to yield the quickest results and ROI and report them in a logical and meaningful manner.

Technical Review

By completing an in-depth website audit we ensure your website is fit for purpose and can identify accessibility issues to improve crawl & indexing, and leverage site speed improvements.


By creating a cohesive strategy from our audit we can achieve meaningful results that tie in to the KPIs of the business. SEO without strategy doesn't work and I will create a strategy that makes a difference for your business.

Guides and Resources

Learning Growing Discovering

I've created a range of resources and guides to help myself and others that I've worked with to fuel their productivity or to achieve their business goals.

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There is no “done” when it comes to technical SEO.

It is a continuous process of improvement.

Slow and steady

wins the SEO race.

Ancient Proverb

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Case Studies

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Breakout Manchester: SEO Case Study

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From my blog

Understanding Local SEO

To understand local SEO, we first must understand the different types of local business models. These are defined by Google as: Single location, brick and mortar,Multi-location, brick and mortar, Multi-practice,Service area, single, Service area, multiple, Home-based business.  The type of business you have will depend on the local SEO strategy that you employ.  Below, I’ve broken some common…

A Quick Study on Historic Site Speed Data

I’d heard that a change in web server had previously affected 2 client websites that I’d just take over. We needed to see just how their historic site speed had been affected which we knew would likely lead to a drop in organic visibility and increase bounce rate for all channels. To do this I…

What is Natural Language Processing and Search?

Put simply, natural language processing (NLP) is phrasing a search query just as you would if you were talking to an actual person, rather than Google. The introduction of this into Google search means users now have the ability to search with natural language since Google doesn’t fully rely on keywords to determine what content…

Why We Should All Be Mining the SERPs

SERPs, or search engine results pages, are a great resource to learn what Google thinks our customers want. Google Think It’s Smarter Than Us Did you know that Google algorithmically rewrites our meta descriptions for SERPs? This means that even though we enter the meta descriptions we’d like to use, Google is still rewriting them.…

Some Brands I've Worked With

This is a simple concept that should be important to all of us, but it’s not something that is necessarily afforded to each of us. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I see this every day. 

That’s why my partner and I created a website discussing some of these issues and building a safe community with open information.

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