• How to Write a Stand-Out Social Media Bio

    18th May 2018
    Social media, bio laptop and newspaper

    Having a well written social media bio is important. It should make you stand out, but seem approachable. You should look accomplished, but not boastful. You need to look professional but should show personality too.  But how do you do that within a few sentences? We’ll explore some ideas here.  Show, Don’t Tell.  Focus on […]

  • Are you Aware of Twitter’s Latest Update?

    10th April 2018
    twitter and coffee update social media

    On 23rd March 2018, Twitter announced that they would be cracking down on any repeated content. Anyone who is found to be in breach of this new rule now risks having their Twitter account suspended. Social media management apps also had until the 23rd March to implement necessary changes. Twitter has defined what it classifies […]

  • Creating a Weekly Facebook Show

    27th March 2018
    facebook logo

    Time and time again we’ve been told that Facebook pages are receiving less and less visibility. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to combat this. Videos are receiving the most engagement in the Facebook News Feed right now. They are seen by much larger audiences and most marketers will tell you that videos […]

  • Using Bots in Marketing

    19th February 2018
    coffee and mobile

    I have been exploring chat bots (or simply, bots) and how their usage can enhance our daily lives, our working lives and our marketing efforts. Bots have been around for as long as there’s been any form of automation, one example from 1972 shows a bot conversation with a psychotherapist and a paranoid schizophrenic. Phone calls with ‘Say […]

  • Using Guerrilla Marketing for Brand Awareness

    10th February 2018
    Guerilla marketing web analytics

    Have you heard about Guerrilla Marketing? Do you know how to use it to promote your business or product? ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ is where unconventional strategies are used to achieve military or political goals. Similarly, Guerrilla Marketing used marketing tactics and approaches that are usually low-cost, or even free, when advertising or launching a new product, […]

  • How to Integrate Social Media with Marketing

    24th January 2018
    instagram social media marketing

    Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great sites for generating engagement and creating interactions between you and your fans. Blogs are great places where you can really start to create meaningful relationships with your audiences, especially if you can provide exclusive information here. You want your fans to keep coming back to your website […]

  • Moderating a panel at BMC 2017

    30th April 2017
    BMC panel speech

    On 28th April, I hosted a panel which I had also organised at this years’ Brighton Music Conference when I was working with Horus Music. I’d organised and spoken on panels before but this was my first time as a moderator. Although I was nervous, I was confident in the knowledge that I had. There […]