80 Tips from Tech SEO Tuesdays

Tips from Tech SEO Tuesday-80

Tech SEO Tuesdays started to share tips and advice with others in the industry. Posted weekly on LinkedIn, Twitter, and elsewhere, you can find the full list of technical SEO advice here!  I’ve been working in SEO for more than 5 years and have dealt with countless website migrations and audits. I’ve certainly come across […]

Oncrawl Review: SEO Crawler and Log Analyser

Oncrawl review dashboard

Oncrawl is a technical SEO tool designed to work as a data-driven website crawler and a log file analyser that will allow you to perform daily health checks on your or your client’s websites. Let’s break down the tool in this Oncrawl review.  This tool offers solutions to thousands of clients, helping to improve organic […]

HTTP Status Codes: Page Not Found

HTTP Status Codes-Page not found

It’s annoying landing on a page to be hit with a “page not found” message. There are various reasons why you’re not always directed to the right page, but the page the user lands on must serve a purpose. HTTP status codes (or server codes) are a reputable way to inform users and search engines […]

HTTPS: What is it, and Why do you need it?

HTTPS What is it and Why do you need it

HTTPS is crucial, and it should be applied to every website without question. But some websites are still operating through HTTP, which can do more harm than good. In this blog, I will explain what HTTPS is and why you need it. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. In other words, […]

How to set up a Multi-Lingual site with HREFLANG

How to set up a Multi-Lingual site with HREFLANG

If you’re looking to expand your international offering, it can be quite easy to end up with duplication on your website. This is because you’ll likely be offering the same services, just translated into other languages. Or in some cases, offering the same products, but the currency is different. This is where HREFLANG comes up […]

What Are the Benefits of Subdirectories vs Subdomains?

What Are the Benefits of Subdirectories vs Subdomains?

I’ve previously talked about the importance of good website architecture, and how you choose to set up specific areas of your website also plays into this.  Choosing whether to use a subdomain or a subdirectory (also known as a subfolder) can be a big decision and can have a larger impact on your website than […]