Enhancing Product Pages with Q&As

Enhancing Product Pages with Q&As

Product Detail Pages (PDPs) are where potential customers make decisions that can shape their entire shopping journey. Improving the user experience on these product pages goes beyond showcasing products; it involves addressing customer queries and concerns effectively. Improving Content on PDPs One simple yet powerful way I’ve achieved this with my clients is by incorporating […]

Handling Permanently Out-of-Stock Products

Handling Permanently Out-of-Stock Products

We’ve previously covered temporarily out-of-stock products, so now I want to discuss how we should handle products that will not be coming back in stock.  When this happens, we need to consider guiding both users and search engines toward relevant alternatives. What to do with Out-of-Stock Products The typical way to handle products that will not […]

Managing Temporarily Out-of-Stock Products

Managing Temporarily Out-of-Stock Products

When you have an eCommerce store, it can be common for products to go out of stock, which isn’t always bad.  Products may become temporarily out of stock, and as store owners, we need to know how to handle this.  By adopting some of the practices we will discuss today, we can maintain customer satisfaction […]

150 Tips from Tech SEO Tuesdays

Tips from Tech SEO Tuesday-150

Tech SEO Tuesdays started as a way to share tips and advice with others in the industry. Posted weekly on LinkedIn, Twitter, and elsewhere, the full list of technical SEO advice can be found here!  I’ve been working in SEO and marketing for 10 years and have dealt with countless website migrations and audits. I’ve […]

Best Practice SEO Checklist for 2022

Best Practice SEO Checklist

I’ve devised a best practice SEO checklist that marketing professionals of all abilities and stages in their career can use to optimise their websites and stay ahead in their respective marketplaces. Best Practice SEO Checklist This best practice SEO checklist covers the core areas of website optimisation, from the set up of a website, researching […]

Benefits of Adding Schema Markup to Your Website

Benefits of Adding Schema to Your Website

Schema markup is a form of microdata or code also known as “Structured Data”, which can be added to your website. It is a language or vocabulary that clearly provides more information about your pages to search engines, which in turn can improve your click-through rate and allow you to take up more space in […]

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