How to set up a Multi-Lingual site with HREFLANG

How to set up a Multi-Lingual site with HREFLANG

If you’re looking to expand your international offering, it can be quite easy to end up with duplication on your website. This is because you’ll likely be offering the same services, just translated into other languages. Or in some cases, offering the same products, but the currency is different. This is where HREFLANG comes up […]

Understanding Canonical Tags and How to Implement Them

Understanding Canonical Tags and How to Implement Them

Canonical tags, often referred to as rel canonical, are a HTML element on your website that you can use to let search engines know which is the main version of a page. They are helpful because they can reduce issues of duplicate content. Duplicate content can be a problem on large websites, especially eCommerce sites, […]

An Explanation of Meta Robots Tags

An Explanation of Meta Robots Tags

Whilst robots.txt allows you to manage the accessibility of your site’s overall content to crawlers, it doesn’t indicate if the pages should be indexed. That’s where meta robots tags come in – they prevent unwanted webpages from being indexed.  However, as there’s a common misconception that robots.txt can control indexation, many SEOs are a little […]

Benefits of Adding Schema Markup to Your Website

Benefits of Adding Schema to Your Website

Schema markup is a form of microdata or code also known as “Structured Data”, which can be added to your website. It is a language or vocabulary that clearly provides more information about your pages to search engines, which in turn can improve your click-through rate and allow you to take up more space in […]

Beginners Guide to Technical SEO

Beginners Guide to Tech SEO

Technical SEO is the process of increasing profit, visibility and optimisation of your website. Good tech SEO improves your chances of getting on the first page of Google when someone searches for something you sell or that you provide information about.  Technical SEO involves optimising the processes of crawling, understanding, and indexing your pages to […]

How to Improve Website Indexing

How to Improve Site Indexing

Indexing is the process of adding pages into search engines. Depending on which meta tag has been used (index vs. no-index), Google will crawl and index your pages accordingly. Indexing ultimately means your pages have been saved in Google’s index. It is worth mentioning that these meta tags can sometimes be ignored, but they are […]

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