Clean Up Your Google Tag Manager

Clean up your Google Tag Manager

Did you know that you can see improvements in your site speed just by cleaning up your Tag Manager? 

What is Google Tag Manager?

GTM is a great way to add / change snippets of data or elements of your website without needing to change the code, or without needing to ask a developer for help. 

It is great for businesses of all sizes, and you can easily use as many tags as you need to help your website function better for your business and to gather the data you need. 

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

However, the more tags you have on your website the more tags browsers have to load, which can contribute to page weight. Even though GTM tags load asynchronously by default, and you can control when your tags are triggered (and set sequencing), there is still an element to consider here. 

If you are sharing your GTM with other team members, with another agency, or your account hasn’t been updated much even though your website has been through several redesigns, then you’ll likely have some dead weight.

Let me show you what I mean… 

I did this for a client recently where we removed tags that were no longer being used or relevant to the website and we quickly saw results. 

This is a week-on-week comparison and we can see that we are already seeing improvements across the board. The website loads 23.6% faster than the previous week. 

It also takes less time for the server to connect as well as it responding twice as fast as previously. 

Try It For Yourself

Take a look at your own account and see what you can clean up in your Google Tag Manager account. 

You may find a large amount of tags that are being loaded but are not providing any function or benefit to your website. 

You may be surprised by the result. 


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