Creating a Weekly Facebook Show

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Time and time again we’ve been told that Facebook pages are receiving less and less visibility. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to combat this.

Videos are receiving the most engagement in the Facebook News Feed right now. They are seen by much larger audiences and most marketers will tell you that videos are the way forward.

One of the best ways to make sure that your videos are consistently reaching your target audience is to create a weekly Facebook show. Whether you decide to make fully produced videos or to ‘go live’ each week, the key is in being regular.


Make a Plan

The first thing would be to make sure you plan what you are going to do in your show. Recording your video ‘off the cuff’ is fine, but audiences like to watch someone who they can see knows what they are doing.

Plan the format for your video too. Will you make a Q&A video, a review, or a how to video? There are plenty to choose from and it ultimately depends on what works for your audience. It may be that your videos offers some advice, and then answers some common questions or even invites questions from your audience. You can even tell people what to expect later in the show as part of your introduction.


Scheduling your Show

Whatever you choose, make sure to stick to your format each week. Set a schedule too, so audiences will know what to expect each week, and when, and will keep coming back for more.

Most of YouTube’s best practices apply to Facebook videos too and will really help your videos to gain more impressions and engagement.

Don’t try to sell directly to your audience straight off the bat either. People want to be educated and entertained, so make sure you are providing something of value that people are responding too first.

Facebook videos won’t be right for every business or Facebook page, and it’s equally important not to start producing them just because you feel like everyone is telling you to. Take the time to consider the implications first, and how you envision it working. If you’re unsure, ask your audience what they want and act accordingly.

Marketing is about doing what’s right for your business and your audience, and not just doing what others are doing.

When done effectively, a weekly Facebook show will ensure your audiences remain interested in what you have to offer and will introduce you to new audiences at the same time.