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invopak case study

Invopak is a UK market leader in plastic and metal containers and packaging. Since 1974 they have supplied British industry with buckets, tubs, tinplates, aluminium flasks and countless other forms of containers and packaging.

During this time, Invopak has gained an in-depth understanding of its customers’ needs. In recent years, they have upgraded and improved their website to enhance eCommerce functionality, allowing them to expand to shipping products worldwide.


Following a B2B site rebuild by the Magento development agency PushON, Invopak came to me seeking specialised SEO support.

The company had had organic support in the past but could not find someone who understood the complexity of their products and their configurations with both B2B and B2C solutions. Invopak has both a UK and EU website primarily targeting Ireland and needed a comprehensive approach to hreflang.

We needed to work together flexibly and effectively to deliver the necessary recommendations and set the site up for success for years to come.


I began by conducting a full technical SEO audit that allowed me to benchmark current performance, track the required competitors, identify blockers to performance and spot room for improvement.

On the back of this audit, I was able to plan our findings into an ongoing strategy that we would tackle on a monthly basis. I planned the tasks according to priority and ease of implementation.

This meant we were able to tackle the biggest issues while implementing some easier fixes while we waited for the bigger items to be enforced. This approach meant that Invopak were able to see ROI much quicker, and we could see the much-needed progress sooner rather than later.

Services provided to Invopak


Invopak quickly saw improvements in key metrics, and through regular check-ins with the team and key client stakeholders, we were able to move through the roadmap efficiently. We adjusted the strategy each month according to business needs to have the biggest impact at the right time.

We have now been working together for well over a year and have expanded my services to include several other brands owned by Invopak’s parent company, Involvement Group, which included a migration to combine OiPPS with Invopak UK.

We continue to enjoy consistent improvements and a successful ongoing partnership.

clicks and impressions March 2023

Invopak is now seeing more than twice as many new account registrations as previously, and I am delighted to report that the B2C arm of the business has tripled its revenue YoY.


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