Porcelain Superstore: Technical SEO Project

Case study - porcelain superstore

Porcelain Superstore is a family business specialising in tiles. They focus on beautiful designs, unbeatable quality and fair pricing to get the edge over their competitors. They work directly with suppliers to offer premium quality tiles for less than the high street.

Having migrated their successful store to Shopify from Magento last year, they wanted to address known issues and look for other areas to improve.


Having been referred by a friend, Porcelain Superstore contacted me for support after noticing drops in performance. SEO had never really been a priority for them, but now they knew they needed to focus more on organic.

They were aware of some of the technical issues and limitations on the site but also wanted to place some time on “housekeeping” and give them a good foundation to build upon.

The store does have content, but they knew that it needed improvement. Looking at their competitors, it became clear that they didn’t have outstanding content either.

After consultation, we agreed that my focus should be on the technical aspects, and we can focus on content once the biggest issues have been resolved.


I began by conducting a full technical website audit to benchmark current performance, pinpoint any issues with performance and identify areas that can be actioned as part of a strategy.

On the back of this audit, we met for coffee to discuss the next steps. We agreed that I could plan the tasks into a roadmap in a way that meant we could work on the most significant issues while implementing some more straightforward tasks in the background as we waited for the larger issues to be corrected based on my recommendations.

We then agreed on a 3-month project to tackle the most significant areas, and if any time were left over each month, we would utilise that on other areas that we wanted to see improvement on.

We communicated over Slack to keep each other updated on progress and had regular calls to discuss the larger items.

Porcelain Superstore also gave me access to the project management tool used by their external developers so we could all communicate directly on the tickets we created. This allowed us to move through our items much more efficiently.

Some of the areas we addressed included, but are not limited to:

  • Removing Meta Refresh from URLs,
  • Added breadcrumbs throughout the site,
  • Improved the pagination on PLPs,
  • Resolved sitemap and canonical issues,
  • Improved the 404 Error page,
  • Updated homepage UX and accessibility to critical products and categories
  • Added an HTML sitemap,
  • Improved headings and other areas of metadata,
  • Content optimisations and internal linking.

Services provided to Porcelain Superstore


Porcelain Superstore was very engaged in our work and assisted with the execution of tasks wherever possible. We made substantial progress on our list of priority issues and enjoyed a very successful partnership during the project.

After seeing all the necessary tasks through to completion and monitoring the impact of the tickets we rolled out, we have seen the following:

Traffic and Revenue

  • 73.88% increase in Users YoY or 56.26% improvement compared to the previous period.
  • 111.75% improvement in New Users YoY.
  • 79.65% increase in Sessions or 58.70% improvement compared to the previous period.
  • 6.78% improvement in Transactions compared to the previous period.
  • 17.26% increase in Revenue YoY or 18.26% improvement compared to the previous period.

Technical Improvements

  • 129.25% decrease in pages that were not indexed.
  • 107.33% increase in pages indexed.
porcelain superstore noindexed pages

Clicks and Impressions

  • 12.1% increase in impressions YoY.
  • 8.9% increase in clicks YoY.

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