Russell Hobbs Website Migration

Case study - russell hobbs

Russell Hobbs is owned by Spectrum Brands, a US-headquartered Fortune 500 company with a portfolio of branded products and global home essentials, which also includes Remington and George Forman.

Russell Hobbs is a well-known British manufacturer of household appliances. Started in 1952 by William Russell and Peter Hobbs, it evolved into the primary kettle maker in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.


The build was known to be challenging from the start. The agency had decided to build out one storefront, to begin with, and then build out each additional brand and territory from there.

I was required to liaise with key contacts at Russell Hobbs and Spectrum Brands to ensure the site was optimised and set up as agreed in the functional specification.


As part of a significant digital transformation project, Spectrum Brands needed to improve its eCommerce offering to drive its business forward.

I would then be responsible for ensuring the launch went as smoothly as possible, including accurate mapping of redirects.

I conducted pre-and post website migration checks and worked with development teams to implement the necessary fixes and catch any bugs before they became an issue.



After successfully completing the migration and rolling out each of the required storefronts, we were able to achieve the following YOY results for Russell Hobbs:

  • A 4x increase in Session Duration – 50% more than the industry average,
  • 54% reduction in Bounce Rate, a significant problem for the business on the previous site,
  • 500% increase in Page Views,
  • 61% increase in Users on mobile devices,
  • 113% increase in Sessions,
  • Improved page load time by half.

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