Trampoline Franchise SEO Case Study

I worked with a trampoline franchise with two locations in the UK. Their indoor trampoline parks are huge attractions in each city as they also have assault courses, fitness classes, dodgeball courts and much more.

trampoline franchise

SEO Issues and Implementation

This trampoline franchise wanted to raise their visibility in their sector, improve their local SEO and get more people to book a session.

Having analysed the issues that were affecting their performance, I began work on the backlink profile which needed clearing due to the presence of spammy and inappropriate links. We needed to limit any further damage and try to gain back the visibility that had been lost as a result. In most cases, we were able to contact these offending websites and get these links removed without the need for a disavow and then began building up the authority of the site by using content outreach.

In terms of technical issues, I analysed the website structure of the site, assess the .htaccess file and found ways to reduce the duplication issues using canonicalisation. This meant that content was still indexable and crawlable but any similar instances were discounted and the original content would not lose any authority.

I also looked deeper at their on-page SEO to make sure everything was in order as well as conducting keyword research and then started optimising content which was not currently meeting best practice.

For their their Local SEO, the team and I added in the Schema Markup for addresses and set up business citations and ensured that Google My Business was set up.

What did all this result in?

This trampoline franchise website immediately saw improvements for location specific terms. Short tail terms also saw massive improvements with the site even reaching position 1 for the main term “trampoline park”, which has 74k searches per month.

Sessions and new users doubled and goal completions increased by over 200%.


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