Navigating Google’s Update: FAQ and How-To Snippet Changes

Navigating Google's Update- FAQ and How-To Snippet Changes

This week, Google unveiled some notable changes to FAQ and How-To snippets that FAQ and How-To snippets that could significantly impact how your content shows up in search results.

The change means they will reduce the visibility of FAQ-rich results and limit How-To-rich results to desktop devices.

What's Changing with FAQ and How-To Snippets?

This announcement could be a significant change, meaning FAQs from your FAQPage structured data might only appear for well-known, authoritative government and health websites. This rich result will no longer be shown regularly for all other sites and industries.

How-To Schema Use for Mobile and Desktop

For HowTo structured data, rich results will only be shown for desktop users, not mobile device users.

This means only desktop devices will display these engaging How-To snippets, while mobile devices will no longer show them.

Don't Stop Using the Schema Just Yet

While this is a big change, it is important to note that just because FAQ snippets will no longer be available for most websites, this doesn’t mean we should stop using our carefully crafted schema.

Remember, structured data is like your secret decoder ring for search engines. The primary function is to help bots understand what your page is all about and better understand their context.

So just because they’re not as visible as they used to be, they certainly still hold value. 

And don’t count out the fact that FAQ and How-To schema should still help our websites be included in other Featured Snippets.

Adapting and Thriving in the New Landscape

This Google update might seem like a curveball for some, but as SEO professionals, we are known for our adaptability.

As the SEO landscape shifts, we shift with it.

So, while FAQ-rich results might not be as prominent, and How-To snippets might be desktop-exclusive, let’s keep our eyes on the bigger picture – delivering top-notch, informative content that both search engines and users adore.

Change is a constant in the world of SEO, and Google’s latest move is a testament to that. But rather than despairing, let’s focus on the new opportunities and strategies that will emerge from this shift.

We’re a community of forward-thinkers, after all. So, keep working on your structured data schema, keep creating amazing content, and remember: SEO success is all about riding the waves of change for our clients as best as we can with a smile.


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