Using Guerrilla Marketing for Brand Awareness

Guerilla marketing web analytics

Have you heard about Guerrilla Marketing? Do you know how to use it to promote your business or product?

‘Guerrilla Warfare’ is where unconventional strategies are used to achieve military or political goals. Similarly, Guerrilla Marketing used marketing tactics and approaches that are usually low-cost, or even free, when advertising or launching a new product, service, or website. And the best part, is that it is a tactic that can be used by business of all sizes and types.

Here are 3 ways you can use Guerrilla Marketing for yourself:

1. On your Social Media

We all know that social media is basically mandatory these days, especially when it comes to raising awareness of a product or business. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the perfect place to upload posts, status updates, add comments, ideas or insights, plus links, photos or videos. It is here that you can build an engaged following and start to direct increased amounts of traffic to your website.

2. Writing and Posting Blogs

We’ve all heard the phrase “Content is King”, but being able to consistently create quality content is where you can make a real difference. Not only do you need blog content and SEO tactics to improve your Google page ranking, but you can also use blogs to link back to your own website by writing guest blogs for other websites. By writing and posting interesting, fun, and topical blog posts your website can gain a good following, who will hopefully start to share your posts with their friends on social media / emails etc which will really start to increase your brand awareness.

3. Creating Videos

You don’t have to create the typical ‘this is how my product works video’ or ‘this is why you should choose us’ video. Chances are you have a good sense of humour, so try something a little different (but not too out of the box) to make your video stand out. It doest matter whether it’s for a new start-up company or an industry veteran, creating a video that has the capacity to make people want to watch it for entertainment as well as for advertisement, can have a hugely positive effect for you.

The tactics you use for Guerrilla marketing can literally have no limit. There are plenty of examples out there ranging from customised images, dancing videos for physical products and more. Sometimes, the more bizarre the better.


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