Managing Temporarily Out-of-Stock Products

Managing Temporarily Out-of-Stock Products

When you have an eCommerce store, it can be common for products to go out of stock, which isn’t always bad. 

Products may become temporarily out of stock, and as store owners, we need to know how to handle this. 

By adopting some of the practices we will discuss today, we can maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to long-term loyalty.

Strategies for Temporarily Out of Stock Products

Products may be out of stock for a while for a variety of reasons. This can be due to stock shortages, high demand or a number of other situations.

Consider the following approaches to navigate the challenges of temporary product unavailability:

Enabling Backorders and Subscriptions


We can offer back orders to allow customers to place orders for products that are currently out of stock.

This pre-order feature informs customers that the product will be shipped once it’s back in stock. It is key to customer retention as it allows customers to express interest in a product even when it’s not immediately available.


Another option is to offer back-in-stock subscriptions, allowing customers to receive notifications when the desired product is available again.

This approach keeps customers informed and engaged, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement, especially when customers are notified that the product they were waiting for is back in stock.

This positive experience can lead to repeat business.

Alternative Product Suggestions

It works well if we can provide alternative product suggestions when a particular item is out of stock.

These alternatives should ideally be similar or complementary options so that we can ensure customers find suitable choices to meet their needs.

Enhancing the shopping experience by offering close alternatives shows that we understand our audience and are committed to customer satisfaction, even if the initial product is temporarily unavailable.

Strategies for Product SEO and Visibility


It is important to ensure we have optimised product pages even when items are out of stock.

This ensures that the pages continue to contribute to rank and bring in website traffic so that customers can easily find them when the product becomes available once more.


As well as using good structured data on our products, we can update them to mark products as out of stock.

Doing so helps search engines understand the status and can potentially be displayed in search results, indicating transparency to potential customers.


If we implement all of the above, we can regularly monitor the performance of backorders and subscriptions and how this contributes to sales and revenue.

These strategies can help store owners to have better management and control over our products if they should go temporarily out of stock.


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