Neglecting my Own Website

Neglecting my own website

When you’re working on other people’s websites all day long it’s easy to forget about your own. That’s definitely something I’ve been guilty of for the past year and a half.

Time Flies…

During that time I’ve been hands on with a wide range of clients ranging from high street brands to local businesses; B2B and B2C clients; e-commerce and service-based businesses. There’s never a dull day in the world of SEO and website management.

I’d say that’s one of the biggest learnings in the past year. Just when you think everything is working as it should, someone (usually Google) moves the goal posts. It’s then our job as SEOs to figure out what happened, what needs to change and come up with a clear and actionable plan.


It’s true at industry events too. Take Brighton SEO as an example, there’s a different ‘focus’ each time and everyone has different opinions as to how to tackle them. But that’s the beauty of the industry. There is no 1 right answer, and it won’t work in the same way for everyone. Knowing my clients and their KPIs is integral to finding the right approach.

Industry and Algorithms

The industry is always changing and these past few weeks have been no different. It was only on 13th January that Google announced the roll-out of it’s first broad core algorithm update of 2020.

For many of us this means looking at each of the websites we manage to determine how (and if) they have been affected by this and determine the next course of actions as needed.

What’s Next

We’ll I’m certainly going to try and pay more attention to my own website. I love what I do and would like to get better at writing blogs here and posting general updates as well as creating more case studies.

Career wise, I’m keeping busy at Optus Digital and excited about what the future might hold.