Oncrawl Review: SEO Crawler and Log Analyser

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Oncrawl is a technical SEO tool designed to work as a data-driven website crawler and a log file analyser that will allow you to perform daily health checks on your or your client’s websites. Let’s break down the tool in this Oncrawl review. 

This tool offers solutions to thousands of clients, helping to improve organic traffic, rankings and revenue whilst offering technical data such as actionable dashboards and reports to help break down and analyse optimal SEO performance.

What is Oncrawl?

Oncrawl is made up of various elements that are all created to help you master your technical SEO and give you strategic optimisation and a better understanding of the site you are working on.

To achieve this, Oncrawl has three leading solutions it provides to SEOs.

How Does Oncrawl Work?

Oncrawl’s SEO Crawler is the fastest way to monitor and analyse a website’s indexability, structure and content, regardless of its number of pages. This tool can also help you guide visitors to your most important pages, improving revenue and conversions and giving you a clearer picture of how the search engines are handling all different areas of your website over time.

Oncawl SEO Crawler gives you access to all strategic data in one easy-to-use space.

For example, you can scrape data whilst running your crawl to pull out information like AMP implementation, product stock status and structured data. The crawler also allows you to monitor your tech solutions easily and keep track of changes that will impact or affect your business goals.

With this tool, you can also store and save all of your crawls in one place without the worry of any restrictions and, in turn, gain access to hundreds of indicators that relate to your site’s quality of content, performance, indexability, and so much more.

You can also control your projects and data flow and share your data with collaborators. Letting other team members read your findings or giving them full access and permission to change and pick through your data is entirely customisable with Oncrawl SEO Crawler.

Oncrawl offers real-time strategic monitoring that makes it easier to identify what isn’t being crawled correctly through search engines. It can help you find any risks during migrations or seasonal trends and let you know which status codes are being returned. You can also see where any 404 status codes are and if there are any other diagnosable server issues.

oncrawl seo crawler

Oncrawl Log Analyser

Oncrawl’s SEO Log Analyser handles over 500 million filtered log lines per day. It is seen as one of the easiest, securest ways for technical SEO teams to get an insight into real-time log files and check that pages are indexed and crawled accurately.

This tool makes log file analysis straightforward by monitoring your crawl frequency, active pages and other indicators. The Oncrawl Log Analyser can translate your log files and turn them into clear, actionable SEO reports and are available to filter and export everything for all team members as needed.

Oncrawl Data3

Oncrawl Data3 gives you a cross-analyses of crawl data with third-party data that allows you to integrate additional information and define your SEO strategy. This tool also includes over 700 indicators and approved connectors to your SEO tools that will help determine significant correlations between technical SEO metrics and the impact that has on performance.

It helps give you a clear understanding of the impact of your SEO changes and validates crawl-based audit conclusions with data from site traffic.

It can also show the impact of backlink profiles developed by Majestic and use those backlinks to sculpt your site’s SEO performance.

Oncrawl Data3 helps link your audit to real-life website performance by getting you the data you need to create an effective technical SEO strategy.

Also, it allows you to link business objectives to SEO and gain the resources you need to show the economic value of SEO-related projects.

What Else Does Oncrawl Include?

There are a variety of other tools that you can utilise in Oncrawl. They consist of:

Oncrawl Insights

Oncrawl Insights allows you to analyse your website in a manner similar to how Google would crawl the site so you can truly understand your site’s traffic, rankings and online revenue like never before. With advanced data exploration and actionable dashboards, you can see the impact of ranking factors on crawl budgets and organic traffic.

Oncrawl Genius

This tool builds custom solutions using SEO data and business intelligence solutions to help you make better strategic decisions and improve your SEO with data science and automation.

Oncrawl Labs

Allows you the opportunity to take advantage of standard SEO tools with ready-to-use machine learning to help you improve and define your SEO forecasts, automation and creations making for more accurate technical SEO results.

Oncrawl BI

It allows you to share and create your reports and connect with other departments with native connectors to improve overall business intelligence solutions.

Oncrawl Developer

This SaaS mechanism provides an open REST APU and offers an in-depth analysis of all of your data, helping you integrate Oncrawl data into your other systems.

It allows you to gather tabular data that is tailored to your needs and offers the ability to export millions of pages within just a few minutes.

What is the Cost of Using Oncrawl?

There are four subscription packages that you can choose from, which all come with their benefits and features included.

The Pro Package - £39 per month

The Pro Package allows you to crawl 100,000 URLs every month for one website, making this package ideal for professional bloggers or web admins looking to run one site.

The Business Package - £199 per month

This Business Package lets you crawl 500,000 URLs and is available across ten different websites per month; this package would be perfect for a smaller agency or an in-house SEO professional looking to run several internal domains.

The Ultimate Package - £299 per month

An Ultimate Package can crawl 2,000,000 URLs across a massive 50 websites per month, making this the ideal package for a larger agency or a wider team of SEOs looking to crawl and run various websites simultaneously.

The Premium Package - £1,900 per month

This package is excellent for those looking for higher levels of access to the Oncrawl tool and who want to utilise it for more significant data projects. The Premium Package comes with the ability to crawl 10,000,000 URLs per month can be across 100 different domains.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Oncrawl

Like with any new tool, you need to be able to understand both the pros and cons of using it, so here are some advantages and disadvantages to Oncrawl.

The Advantages of Oncrawl

  • The Features – There are so many quality features in Oncrawl, with three main ones that you can utilise every time to make your crawling and SEO much more accessible. 
  • Speed – Speed is something that Oncrawl doesn’t do half-heartedly. Oncrawl is known as one of the fastest crawl tools on the market due to its ability to process up to 300 URLs per second.
  • Massive Reach – Oncrawl can support all kinds of sites, big and small, with up to millions of pages simultaneously and still not slack on speed or efficiency. I find it to be one of the most effective crawlers when working on large websites.
  • Made For Experts, By Experts – This tool will help professional SEOs and consultants with their technical needs and a community full of experts in that field who are ready and willing to help you.


The Disadvantages of Oncrawl

  • Pricing – Compared to other tools, it is on the higher end of the market price-wise, which means it is not as accessible for all SEOs and agencies, but the price reflects the quality of a product and its performance.
  • Learning Curve – When handling some of the more technical, advanced options, this tool may mean you need to contact the support team or spend additional time getting to know each of the different areas and their capabilities.

Would I Recommend Oncrawl?

As we’ve seen in this Oncrawl review, the tool does have it all, and it is pretty challenging to find disadvantages to it. Oncrawl is reliable, fast and full of valuable, powerful integrations to use and navigate around.

Finding a tool that gives you everything you need to succeed in technical SEO and is not overly complicated or full of jargon can be complex, but this tool has it all and then some.

Yes, the price point is high if you just want to use it for freelance or personal use, but for what you are getting in that package deal, along with the capabilities of Oncrawl as a whole, I’d say it’s an investment that is well spent!

If you want to get started with Oncrawl, feel free to reach out, and I’d be happy to introduce you to a member of their team.


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