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Why We Should All Be Mining the SERPs

By Nikki

SERPs, or search engine results pages, are a great resource to learn what Google thinks our customers want. Google Think It’s Smarter Than Us Did you know that Google algorithmically rewrites our meta descriptions for SERPs? This means that even though we enter the meta descriptions we’d like to use, Google is still rewriting them.…

Top Steps in a Site Migration

By Nikki

As an overview, the top steps of a site migration are: On-boarding, Pre-migration, Staging environment, Post-migration, Learning and analytics. But How Do These Work in a Site Migration? Let’s look at these a little deeper. 1. On-boarding This is where you need to understand the purpose of the migration and make sure that everyone is…

Love the Htaccess File

By Nikki

The htaccess file or “hypertext access” as it is also known is vital for all websites, but it is one that can easily, and all-too-often, be overlooked. Let’s look at some key points of the htaccess file It’s important to know that the htaccess file will only affect the folder that it is placed in…