What is Cloudflare?

What is Cloudflare

This is a very brief walk-through as to what Cloudflare is, and the steps you need to take to set it up for you own website.

Cloudflare is used for increasing the security and performance of websites. It is a type of CDN or a Content Delivery Network.

It provides security by protecting internet properties from malicious activity like:

  1. DDOS attacks,
  2. Malicious bots,
  3. Other nefarious intrusions.

What Do CDN’s Do?

A CDN is a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to deliver content to a user’s browser as fast as possible. A CDN cannot host content (that is still needed separately) – but it can cache content at the network edge to improve site performance.

Many websites see improvements in site speed as a result of installing a CDN.

Setting Up Cloudflare?

  1. Go to cloudflare.com
  2. Add in the domain of the site, it should pull through the DNS records
  3. Choose the free plan
  4. Cloudflare wil try and pull through as much DNS entries as possible which need to be checked.
  5. Verify DNS details against those on the hosting provider / domain registrar,
  6. Check that whatever Cloudflare has added matches the original DNS records. If there are any gaps there could be downtime. Add any that are missing.
  7. Update the nameservers (provided by Cloudfare) with the host. This should take a couple of hours to propagate globally. There’s zero downtime usually as the traffic trickles between the two DNS sources, but ultimately routes to the same place.

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