How to Write a Stand-Out Social Media Bio

Social media, bio laptop and newspaper

Having a well written social media bio is important. It should make you stand out, but seem approachable. You should look accomplished, but not boastful. You need to look professional but should show personality too. 

But how do you do that within a few sentences? We’ll explore some ideas here. 

Show, Don’t Tell. 

Focus on what you do, not who you are. The more details the better and provides clarity. 

Instead of simply saying you’re creative, talk about specific projects you’ve worked on that show off your creative elements. 

Be Specific

Don’t be generalist, focus instead on areas where you have expertise. Make sure these take centre stage in your bio. 

Your profile can show up in search results based on information in your bio, so the more specific you are, the more likely you are to be found for the things that you’re best at. 

Why Should They Care

Regardless of what you’ve accomplished, at the end of the day, most people only care about themselves. They want to know “what’s in it for me?”

This is the value proposition. 

Let people know what they can expect to receive by following you, or what they can expect to hear about when they talk to you or subscribe to your newsletter etc. 

Add Personality 

It’s good to be funny on social media. Many people add a funny quips to their bio. It’s not easy though. How do you pick an element of your personality to focus on that makes your personality seem fun?

Again, it comes back to specificity. You could say you love social media, coffee and bacon. but many people have already beat you to the punch. Instead, if you love alpacas, cheesecake and canyoning then you’re more likely to stand out and even connect with some like-minded people. 

Tell a unique story. Talk about your passions and hobbies. 

Edit and Improve your Social Media Bio

Your skills, interests and expertise will change over time, so your bio should evolve with it. Try and edit it every quarter or 2 to ensure it still reflects your best self. 

If it becomes static and outdated, people will easily skip over your profile.