A/B Testing

a/b testing
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A/B testing (or split testing) involves comparing two versions of a page to determine which performs better. It is effectively an experiment in which two or more versions of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to calculate which variation functions better for a specific conversion goal.

A change should be made to one version of a page, and visitors would either be served the control or variation page. The engagement with each page version should then be measured, collected and analysed through a statistical engine. This analysis’s outcome would help define whether changing that element had a positive, negative or neutral effect on visitor behaviour. Ideally, only one change should be made at a time to allow for accurate analysis and measurement.

By measuring the impact that changes have on your conversion metrics, you can guarantee that every change produces positive results. You should use A/B testing to improve the overall experience for the user continually.

To avoid issues with rankings and duplication, when running A/B tests with your SEO strategy, remember to prevent cloaking, use rel=canonicals to point back to the original version of the page, and use temporary 302 redirects instead of permanent 301s.

split testing
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