Above the Fold

above the fold
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Above the fold content is the part of a web page shown before scrolling on a mobile or desktop device. The ‘fold’ is where the browser window ends, but the content continues underneath. The exact location of the fold differs because of the wide variety of monitor sizes across devices, including differing screen resolutions, browser plugins, and phone and tablet sizes.

Any content you’d need to scroll down to see would be regarded as ‘below the fold’.

Content layout and placement are vital because content that appears higher up is first visible when a user loads the page. This is prime real estate that gets the most engagement from users.

As a result, the content in the top half of the page should be the most influential in achieving the overall business goals. Ideally, this content should grab the user’s attention and answer the question they came to the page to find. Don’t make it hard for a user to find what they are looking for, as this will affect your UX and will have a negative impact on your overall performance.

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