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The algorithm is what search engines use within SEO to determine page rankings. Google’s algorithm works differently and has different rules than Bing’s, etc. Search Engine Journal has a history of changes that Google has made to its algorithm, and you can also use the Google Search Status Dashboard.

Google does not use just one algorithm to rank pages in its index; in fact, its ranking system comprises a whole series of algorithms designed to assess various aspects of web pages and more. These algorithms are frequently revamped and undergo hundreds of changes per year, many of which are unconfirmed—that is, they happen without SEOs being aware that a change has occurred.

Some of the factors that algorithms look at in varying ways include the words of the search query, page relevance and usability of pages, expertise and credibility of sources behind the article, and your location and settings.

The Google Search Central Twitter and LinkedIn accounts will usually announce an algorithm update as it begins to roll out.

Google algorithm
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