Call to Action [CTA]

Call to action
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A call to action (or CTA) is a message on a website that tells the user to take a specified action.

A call to action is usually written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Buy Now’, and generally takes the form of a button or text hyperlink.

The intention behind a CTA is to signpost the user on the action they should take next to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter rather than leave the website without completing the desired task. We use CTAs to drive users further down the sales funnel and closer to conversion.

There can also be multiple calls to action on a page if there are various types of goals or actions that the user could take.

What is a Good CTA?

A compelling call to action should clearly communicate what the user can expect when they click on a button or take the next step, which can improve the click-through rate.

“Click here” is a typical example of a poor CTA as it does not show what the user can expect to see or do once they do click. It is best to be clear and straightforward in your calls to action.

I suggest using a CTA such as:

  • Subscribe to our mailing list
  • Add to cart
  • Submit your feedback
  • Send us a message

Or any other similar examples.

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