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Keyword cannibalisation occurs when there is more than one page on a site that is targeting the same keyword and intent as another page on the same site.

This then causes a problem as it means that one of the affected pages alters the other’s ability to rank, and as a result, neither page will perform as well as it should. As a result, it is common for these pages to fluctuate in ranking position.

How to Fix Keyword Cannibalisation

To resolve cannibalisation, you can:

  • Restructure your website to prioritise one landing page that the others sit under and are linked to internally.
  • If a single unique page for the keyword in question does not exist, consider creating a single page to act as the authoritative URL on the subject.
  • If pages aren’t unique enough to warrant the need for several pages, consider consolidating them into a single page.
  • Re-optimise your page for more appropriate pages. It could be that the keyword strategy needs updating. Utilise keywords that accurately describe the page content.
  • Use 301 redirects to consolidate your cannibalised content and direct any authority and link equity towards the “main” page.
keyword cannibalisation
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