Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools
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Chrome DevTools, or Developer Tools, is an extensive toolkit for developers built directly into the Chrome web browser. It allows users to experiment with and edit web pages in real-time, diagnose problems more swiftly, and much more.

Chrome DevTools also allows SEOs to spot any underlying issues with crawlability and load speed.

Using Chrome DevTools

t can be accessed by clicking the Chrome menu button, and then under ‘More tools’, you will find ‘Developer Tools’; you can also right-click and choose Inspect on any website in the Chrome browser.

Once open, the Developer Tools window has three tabs at the top and six more that are available when you click the >> symbol next to them.

The tabs are:

  • Elements
  • Console
  • Source
  • Network
  • Application
  • Security
  • Memory
  • Performance
  • Audits

DevTools is a powerful resource and allows us to experiment with technical ideas and to get a proof of concept before sharing our ideas with clients or development teams.

Developer Tools
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