Content Delivery Network [CDN]

Content Delivery Network
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A Content Delivery Network is a globally distributed group of servers that work together to deliver content to a user’s browser as fast as possible. A CDN caches content at the network edge to improve website speed.

When users request a copy of your website from their web browser of choice, a CDN sends them cached data from the nearest server location. This results in visitors receiving information much faster than if they had gone directly to your website without a CDN installed.

Cloudflare is a favoured example of a CDN, and users also benefit from improved security and less downtime as a result of using Cloudflare.

Benefits of a CDN

Content Delivery Networks are not just for users who serve international customers. Benefits can be seen by those targeting national or even more local visitors, too, particularly if their server is not located nearby, as there is less latency between the server and the browser.

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