Crawl errors

Crawl errors
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A Crawl error can occur when a search engine tries to reach a page on your website but fails. You can find the reasons for these issues within Google Search Console.

The term “crawl error” typically refers to the legacy version of GSC, which has since been updated to clarify the information.

We can now find these from within the Google Search Console dashboard by navigating to Indexing > Pages and then scrolling down to view the “Why pages aren’t indexed” section. This will show you pages on your site that have been crawled but aren’t indexed and can’t be served on Google, and you will see the reasons for this listed in the table that follows.

Understanding Crawl Errors

Some of these errors can be expected, such as “Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag”, or there may be reasons that need more investigation, such as “Duplicate without user-selected canonical” or even “Crawled – currently not indexed”.

The Search Console Help Center provides specific information about the Page Indexing report (as it is now known) and common indexing issues.

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