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Disavowing links is the process of indicating to Google that you do not want the specified links to count towards your site.

Unwanted links can happen, for example, if you feel that the links are spammy or that they have been purchased as part of previous black hat tactics, and you need to tidy them up now.

How to Disavow Links

The Disavow tool in Google Search Console allows you to remove links. Here, you upload a file containing the URLs you would like to be ignored. It is a powerful feature that should only be used by experienced professionals.

It is widely believed that search engines can ignore poor quality or irrelevant links themselves, so you may not need to disavow links; however, some still feel the need to manually remove links. In fact, John Mueller from Google advises against using the disavow tool, even stating that the tool is likely to be removed in the future.

disavow tool
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