Duplicate content

Duplicate content
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Duplicate content is a piece of content available on more than one URL on the web; this can be content that is similar or even an exact duplicate.

Since this duplication exists, search engines won’t know which URL should be listed higher in SERPs. The consequence could mean that both URLs rank lower and priority is given to other web pages instead.

Search engines like Google “de-prioritise” duplicated content. As they have stated, “Google tries hard to index and show pages with distinct information.” This suggests that if your website doesn’t have “distinct information,” your performance could be affected.

The impact could mean less organic traffic, fewer indexed pages, and in extreme cases, you may receive a manual action.

Duplicate Content Affects Users

It’s not just search engines that you need to worry about either; it can be frustrating for users if they can’t find the information they’re looking for, leading to a poor user experience.

You should concentrate on writing original content frequently and monitor instances of duplicate content.

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