eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO
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eCommerce SEO refers to the specific optimisations and processes involved in enabling an online store to rank for the products it sells.

Online stores must be as visible as possible to sell products. As a result, we need to have a much greater understanding of how people search for the products we sell (perhaps to a much higher standard than we might need for a service-based or blog site). It is only by understanding this to a high degree that we can accurately create high-quality content and optimise our pages correctly to rank for the target terms.

Benefits of eCommerce Optimisations

By utilising good eCommerce SEO, we can:

  1. Help more people discover the brand.
  2. Help more people find our products.
  3. Provide a higher quality user experience.
  4. Generate increased sales.

How to Optimise for eCommerce

Generally speaking, some of the more common optimisations for eCommerce SEO can involve:

  • Optimising pages and product descriptions to generate sales,
  • Producing a broad range of content around our products and providing sufficient product information,
  • Utilising correct imagery and ensuring they are optimised.
  • Offering a tempting homepage that draws customers further into the buyer’s journey.
  • Using good internal linking throughout the site where it makes sense to do so.
  • Using short and keyword-rich URLs that are human-readable and easy to remember.
  • Making appropriate use of schema markup to provide additional information to search engines and allowing our content to be eligible to take up more valuable real estate in SERPs.
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