Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets
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Featured Snippets are seen on Google search results. They are highlighted extracts of text that often appear above organic results in what is known as ‘Position 0’.

The intention of featured snippets is to quickly answer the user’s query on the SERP without needing to click through to the result.

Depending on the query (they show more often with informational questions), the answer may appear as a bullet list, a table, or some sentences of text with an accompanying image or video. They are somewhat similar to Rich Snippets, and their prominence at the top of SERPs generally leads to an increased Click Through Rate.

Optimising your content for featured snippets is possible by reproducing the keyword from the query into a heading tag, such as an H2 towards the top of the page. You can then provide your answer underneath this with one or two concise and optimised sentences.

Once done, I’d suggest using the tools in Google Search Console to see how successfully you’ve optimised for your featured snippet. Within GSC, you can also see your ranking positions and measure the CTR for the queries you are targeting.

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