Largest Contentful Paint [LCP]

Largest Contentful Paint
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The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is measured in seconds (s) and records the amount of time it takes the browser to render the largest piece of content or element after a user requests the page. Typically, the largest element is an image or a video or, depending on the type of website, a large text block.

largest contentful paint

What Does LCP Look Like?

In more basic terms, the LCP tells the reader that the URL they requested is actually loading; otherwise, they could be looking at a blank screen. The LCP should occur after the First Contentful Paint.

The LCP can be one of the easiest to optimise of the Core Web Vitals. You can do this by looking at your page, identifying the largest text block or image, and then optimising it by making it smaller or removing anything that would slow down the take it takes to download onto the browser.

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