Local SEO Services in Manchester

If you have a local business or want to attract local customers, your website needs to show up in a local search, that’s where local SEO can help.

It is no longer enough to rely solely on your brand name; people are looking for businesses close to their physical location, which makes sense given the recent 500%+ rise in “near me” searches, according to Google.

By utilising this, we can drive people to your physical store as well as to your online store.

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Get your Business Seen Locally

Local businesses are all competing for local business, and if yours isn’t showing up, you could be missing out on valuable custom.

We can take many elements from standard SEO practices and changes that we can make to your website and other assets, and apply them to local SEO to ensure you are more visible in localised search results.


Below is a list of just some of the areas we can optimise:

Review of local landing pages

Local business schema development

Internal linking optimisation

NAP (name, address, and phone number) site-wide optimisation

Google My Business setup and optimisation

Consideration of category and service page optimisation

There’s more to localised SEO than this list, but this will help us get started and give you the best chances of success. 

Take your Local SEO to the Next Level

I know how important it is to make sure your website is getting seen by your target audience; I have proven case studies showing just how much of a difference these changes can make for local independent business and enterprise-level clients.

Let’s chat and develop a local strategy that works for you and your business.

If that sounds good, please do get in touch.

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