Website Migration and SEO Recovery

Websites go through a lot of changes, and there can be many reasons for a website migration. Such as changing domains or moving platforms; eCommerce websites may move to another platform to allow for greater flexibility in their product offering.

website migration

Tailored Assistance with Website Migrations

Magento, Shopify, and WordPress are some of the most common platforms, but there are many more available CMS solutions.

I have been involved in countless website migrations and even SEO recoveries. I see all too often post-migration issues that stem from SEO either not being involved in the migration process or only being engaged after the migration has already taken place. After this point, the damage may already be done.

As a technical SEO consultant, I can support your business during its website migration to deliver URL mapping, as well as core pre-and-post-launch checks to ensure the migration is handled appropriately.

Note that the redirect mapping would require sign-off before it is implemented.

Proven Approach

Using my roadmap, I will design a specific timeline that clearly outlines what is needed, the deadline, and who is accountable for it. This way, we can ensure everything goes to plan. This is a proven approach that I have designed after working on various website migrations for influential brands with 1,000s of web pages and products. 

I can work with you and your development team, as needed, to support your business during this change.

The last thing that most businesses need is to lose their organic traffic, and by working together we can ensure that is not the case. SEO recovery is possible, but, of course, it is better if it’s not needed in the first place.

What’s Next

Let’s work together to make sure that SEO is not an afterthought. Contact me today, and we can discuss options for your website migration.  

If that sounds good, please do get in touch.

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